11th September 2018


Why do you have to split firewood?

For most climates, it's best to start seasoning your wood over the summer, when ample heat and sun will speed up the process of air-drying your stack. Split your logs:Split wood dries quicker and burns better than round logs. Depending on the size of the log, split the wood into halves or quarters.

Also know, what is the average length of firewood?

16 inches

How long before you can split wood?

The most important rules for preparing good firewood are: Cut, split and stack the wood in the early spring and let it stand in the sun and wind until it is seasoned. For many people seasoning will take about six months. for others, it will be a full year, depending on climate and wood species.

Is it easier to split seasoned or unseasoned wood?

Some wood splits easiest when green (live oak) and some split much easier when dry and brittle (some pines). Stack firewood where air and sun can dry it thoroughly by the time you will burn it. You can burn wood that is not dry but there is some loss of heating potential through evaporation of moisture.