21st November 2019


Who are the leaders of the House and the Senate?

Mitch McConnell
Chuck Schumer

Also asked, who are the leaders of the House of Representatives and the Senate?

115th Congress: House, Senate leaders and demographics
  • Speaker of the House: Paul Ryan. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Zach Gibson.
  • House majority leader: Kevin McCarthy. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Mark Wilson.
  • House minority leader: Nancy Pelosi. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Mark Wilson.
  • Senate President: Joe Biden until Jan. 20.
  • Senate majority leader: Mitch McConnell.

Who are the congressional leaders?

Republican Leadership
  • Majority Leader. Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Represents Republicans on the House floor.
  • Majority Whip. Rep. Steve Scalise. Assists leadership in managing party's legislative program.
  • Republican Conference Chairman. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers.
  • Republican Policy Committee Chairman. Rep. Luke Messer.

Who are the party leaders in Congress?

The current party leaders are: Majority (Republican) Leader Kevin McCarthy, Majority (Republican) Whip Steve Scalise, Minority (Democratic) Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Minority (Democratic) Whip Steny Hoyer.