2nd October 2019


Is oak tree good for firewood?

It is mostly the density and moisture content that influence its behaviour in the fire and its value as firewood. Dense hardwoods like maple and oak have a higher energy content per cord and so release more heat per firebox load. They also produce long-lasting fires and coal beds.

So, what kind of wood should not be burned in a fireplace?

Let's take a look at some types of wood that should never be burned in your fireplace:
  • Soft wood. Soft wood from trees like cypress, pines, or firs burns very rapidly, creates a great deal of smoke, and rapidly coats your chimney with soot.
  • Endangered species wood.
  • Oleander.
  • Mexican elder.
  • Anything Named Poison.
  • Driftwood.

Is ash tree wood good for firewood?

Other Good Wood to Burn. White ash, sugar maple, and birch trees also produce excellent firewood, albeit not quite as good as oak and hickory. But all three have their advantages: Sugar maple has a good reputation for burning with few sparks and little smoke.

Can you burn sassafras wood?

These qualities make it a good choice for kindling. Sassafras as a main staple for heating in a fireplace or wood furnace does lack the qualities you look for in a good firewood. It does not burn very hot and it burns fast. Sassafras generates BTU's which would be similar to aspen or basswood.