2nd November 2019


Is Mercury a radioactive?

About a dozen radioactive isotopes of mercury are known also. Two radioactive isotopes of mercury are used in medicine, mercury-197 and mercury-203. Both isotopes are used to study the brain and the kidneys. The isotopes are injected into the body where they travel to the brain and the kidneys.

Thereof, how does mercury react with oxygen?

When heated, mercury reacts with oxygen in the air to form mercury oxide, which undergoes decomposition upon heating to higher temperatures. In the reactivity series of metals, mercury is below hydrogen and does not react with most dilute acids, such as dilute sulfuric acid.

What is mercury likely to bond with?

Mercury has a unique electron configuration which strongly resists removal of an electron, making it behave similarly to noble gas elements. As a result, mercury forms weak bonds and is a liquid at room temperature. Mercury dissolves to form amalgams with gold, zinc, and many other metals.

What will happen if mercury oxide is heated?

Mercury(II) oxide, a red solid, decomposes when heated to produce mercury and oxygen gas. A reaction is also considered to be a decomposition reaction even when one or more of the products are still compounds. A metal carbonate decomposes into a metal oxide and carbon dioxide gas.