11th December 2019


Is an office pool illegal?

March Madness is here, which means March Madness pools are too. But while your fun office or dormitory pool may seem harmless, chances are you're breaking the law. The truth is, the majority of office pools are illegal. Despite its illegality, most people will continue with their pools.

Are survivor pools illegal?

Although popular, money-based NFL survivor pools seem to run afoul to three different federal laws. NFL survivor pools are also very likely to violate state gambling laws. In every state, private contests are deemed to be illegal if they include three elements: an entry fee, a cash prize, and more chance than skill.

Are office football pools legal in California?

Some states also limit the amount that a gambler can win or lose. However, in California, under California Penal Code Section 336.9, betting in an office football pool is an infraction punishable by a $250 fine. Small-scale football pools are rarely prosecuted even in states where they are technically illegal.