16th October 2019


How much developer do I mix with hair dye?

Mixing & Timing. The mixing ratio is 1:2. 1 part color with 2 parts developer (1 oz. of hair color combined with 2 oz. of developer, for a total forumula mixture of 3 oz.). Pour 2 oz. of developer into a tint bowl or an applicator bottle.

What color is brown and red mixed together?

Orange which is made from mixing yellow and red then adding a little blue will make brown which makes it a tertiary colour. You can also make brown from green a secondary colour which is made from mixing blue and yellow and then red a primary colour which also makes it a tertiary colour.

Can I put conditioner in my hair dye?

Adding water would prevent the same damage and using the conditioner after would give your hair a silkier, shinier look. As far as semi-permanent hair color, it would be about the same as above. The idea is the shampoo and the conditioner have minimal dye in them.