25th November 2019


How do you get rid of a stitch in your side?

Do this next time you feel an ache coming on:
  1. Don't panic! It's only a cramp.
  2. Focus on maintaining relaxed, even breathing.
  3. Slow down and place your hand around the area that hurts.
  4. As you exhale, pinch this area between your fingers and thumb.
  5. Continue this pattern for five or six breaths.
  6. That should do the trick!

Also asked, what causes you to get a stitch?

It's one of the main muscles involved in breathing. Most scientists believe the pain is caused by a reduction in blood supply to the diaphragm, causing it to cramp. The stitch is caused by fluids which the body finds hard to digest. This causes the gut to "tug" on the ligaments connecting it to the diaphragm.

How can I prevent getting a stitch?

Tips for an acute side stitch
  1. Breathe! Proper breathing can contribute to relaxation of the diaphragm and respiratory muscles.
  2. Use your hand. Press with your hand on the painful area and relieve the pressure while breathing out.
  3. Shift down a gear.
  4. Stop for a moment and stretch.
  5. Stop and bend your upper body forward.

Why do people get stitches in their side?

Other researchers believe that side stitches are caused by stretching the ligaments that extend from the diaphragm to the liver. When a runner or walker pounds the surface while breathing in and out, he or she stretches these ligaments, and that causes the pain.