25th November 2019


How do I remove apps from my lockscreen?

Follow these steps to modify the shortcuts:
  1. Go to Settings:
  2. Scroll down to Device section.
  3. Tap on Lock Screen:
  4. Select Lock Screen Shortcuts:
  5. Tap on the icon you want to change a shortcut for (left or right):
  6. Tap Select application:
  7. Select Apps:
  8. Specify the app you prefer:

How do I disable lock screen?

The screen lock has been turned off.
  1. Touch Apps. You can remove any screen locks that you've set up on your Samsung Galaxy S5.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Touch Lock screen.
  4. Touch Screen lock.
  5. Enter your PIN/password/pattern.
  6. Touch CONTINUE.
  7. Touch None.
  8. The screen lock has been turned off.