2nd October 2019


How do I remove an app from a folder on Android?

Deleting folders. Finally, you can delete a folder by either dragging all of the apps out of the folder, or pressing and holding on the folder until the screen changes and dragging it up to Remove. This will remove the folder and all the stored app icons, but it won't delete the apps.

Then, how do I get an app out of a folder?

How to remove apps from a folder on your Home screen
  1. Tap the folder containing the app you want to remove to open it.
  2. Touch and hold your finger on the app icon you want to remove until you enter edit mode (the icons begin to jiggle).
  3. Drag the app icon(s) out of the folder.

How do I get rid of a folder on my Android?

If done right, the app's icon should be automatically dropped into the folder. You can also remove apps from folders by tapping on the folder where the app is, pressing on the app, then dragging it up to Remove, which should appear at the top of the screen.