7th December 2019


How do I check my balance on my Safelink phone?

Pending Minutes
  1. Press the MENU key.
  2. "Prepaid" will be displayed across your screen.
  3. Press OK or SELECT.
  4. Go to "Redeem Airtime" or "Add Airtime".
  5. Press OK or SELECT.
  6. If your screen displays a message, go down and press OK until you see “Card #” or “Airtime PIN”.
  7. Enter 555 and press OK.
  8. If you are prompted for a promo code, press NO.

How do I check my minutes on my phone?

How do I check my minutes or data balance? You can check your available minutes balance at any time by sending a text message to 7500, by dialing *611 from your Q Link phone, or by calling 1-855-754-6543. Once you hear the message, press 6, then 2, and then 1.

How many minutes have I used Android?

Go to Settings → About phone → Status, scroll to bottom and you will be able to see Up time. I think this feature is available on Android 4+. If that doesn't work, install "Launcher Pro". That app can show you hidden menus of your phone, which are the same menus that those two dialer codes should bring up.