2nd October 2019


How do I change my Wells Fargo pin?

If you know your current card PIN, you can change it by:
  1. Visiting your nearest Wells Fargo Bank location.
  2. Calling 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557).
  3. Visiting any Wells Fargo ATM. To change a PIN at the ATM, select either More Choices or Other from the main menu and follow the prompts.

Consequently, how do you change your username and password?

Changing the username and password in Windows XP
  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the Users Accounts icon.
  3. Select the account you want to change.
  4. Select the option "Change my name" to change your username or "Create a password" or "Change my password" to change your password.