28th November 2019


Can you put merino wool in the dryer?

This is why we advise against tumble drying merino wool at all costs. The garment will usually dry over night if hung in a warm room. Merino garments should be machine washed at a low temperature, not exceeding 30°, if possible on a specialised wool/ hand wash cycle.

In this regard, can you put 100 wool in the dryer?

I have washed 100% wool and 100% cashmeres in the washing machine..! I use cold water, mild detergent and use the delicate shortest cycle. Remove carefully from washer and I hang by the armholes, reshape if necessary, over the towel bar, or shower curtain bar to air dry. - Takes about 2 days to fully dry.

Can you put wool in the tumble dry?

Woolmark-approved garments that have a care claim that states 'tumble dry' can be tumble dried on a low heat setting or a setting for wool or delicates. It is advised to use a tumble dryer that has been approved by The Woolmark Company. If your garment does not say Tumble Dry, it is best to flat dry your wool garment.

Is it OK to put a wool blanket in the dryer?

Heat can and usually does shrink woolens, reducing them in size and ruining their appearance. It can also affect how a garment drapes. Cold water and gentle washing will help keep your woolens in good condition. It is why a dryer, regardless if it has an enhanced gentle or a tumble dry setting, is not recommended.