17th October 2019


Can any car seat fit in a stroller?

In some cases the car seat will click directly into the stroller without the need for any separate adapters. In many cases the stroller manufacturer does not provide info on every specific car seat, but it is LIKELY that the car seat will STRAP onto this “universal” car seat adapter and fit properly.

When Can Baby use City Mini stroller?

Our strollers and joggers can be used for children in an upright position from approximately six months to five-years-old. We do not recommend placing your baby in the upright seat of the stroller or jogger until they are able to sit and hold their head up without assistance.

When can you run with a baby in a stroller?

Most importantly, safety first—you shouldn't begin running with your baby until he or she is at least six months old, as most babies can't hold their head up until that age. Once you and your child are ready to venture out onto the roads and trails, remember that jog-stroller training will be much different.