25th November 2019


Can a badger see in the dark?

Fact 7 - Badgers have poor eyesight. Badgers can't see very well, even though they are most active in the dark. They do have excellent hearing and sense of smell and are much more likely to hear or smell you than see you.

In this manner, do Badgers come out in the rain?

Nights when there is a bright moon may also mean the badgers come out later. Weather plays a role too. Badgers may come out later in strong wind or heavy rain, probably because they cannot detect danger as well in these conditions and they feel less secure.

Do badgers eat humans?

Honey badgers are able to feed on tortoises without difficulty, due to their powerful jaws. They kill and eat snakes, even highly venomous or large ones, such as cobras. They have been known to dig up human corpses in India.

How long is a badger pregnant for?

Honey badger: 181 days
European badger: 49 days
Hog badger: 43 days